Rates are rising. Is your home loan still right for you?

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Even if you’ve been with the same bank for a long time, that doesn’t mean they’ll always have the best home loan product for you. Getting locked into the wrong home loan can cost you thousands of dollars over the life of the loan.

When you first bought your home, the mortgage you got was a good choice for you. But things change in life, and so do home loan features and benefits.

Is it time for a home loan health check?

We can make sure you’ve still got the right home loan and that you’re making the most of it – or we can recommend a better one for you.

Get a free Home Loan health check

Is it time to review your home loan? Here’s what you need to consider when reviewing your home loan

  • 1. Find out the features of your home loan

  • 2. Understand your home loan interest rate

  • 3. See if you can get a better deal, or need to switch

For many Australians the biggest recurrent expense is paying off a home loan, which can often take up to 30 years. But you shouldn’t just ‘set and forget’ the loan.

Running a few simple checks will help you decide whether your home loan is still right for you, or whether you should be looking for a better deal.

Get a free Home Loan health check

Let us do the work and find the right home loan solution for you!

Get a free Home Loan health check