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We are Mortgage Broker, Home Loan & Finance Specialists in North Lakes

We are a team of mortgage brokers in North Lakes dedicated to finding you the best option for financing everything from home loans, car & personal loans, business loans, insurance and debt consolidation. We take the hassle out of the loan application process and make sure you get the best solution for your needs.

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Our mortgage brokers are highly skilled experts and leaders in the industry. Between them, our directors have over 30 years of experience.

We pride ourselves on our high level of service & advice, making sure every loan & lending experience our clients have is a good one.

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We are not your everyday "banksters", we’re humans just like you – ready to make financing your first or next North Lakes home a reality.

We have real life experience and have been through the financing & mortgage process ourselves. We know personally what it’s like to finance a home loan, car loans or business loans. We are down to earth, relatable and friendly locals in North Lakes who look forward to getting to know each of our clients personally, answer questions and find out their unique circumstances and needs in order to give high quality advice.

Avoid getting your home loan application denied.

We have helped & given advice to thousands of people in North Lakes with all kinds of loan needs. We get well over 250 home loan & mortgage applications approved each year, in addition to other personal loans, car loans and business loans.

We take the time to ask questions, sit down one on one with you to get to know your background story and what kind of loan you’re looking for. This allows us to give sound advice and find the perfect loan for you. We love to do this in person but can phone or video call you from wherever you find convenient.

Instead of walking into a bank that has access to only a handful of their own products available, we know exactly what loans every bank and lender offers and can use our skill and cutting-edge technology to advice on the best loan package suited to your needs.

We’re One Of The Top Rated Mortgage Brokers in North Lakes!

I would highly recommend BrokerCo North Lakes. It was the easiest way of refinancing my loan & best advice I’ve ever received. Got knocked back by another mortgage company who didn’t even reply to emails. I got a response with emails normally within an hour and a very quick response when our loan was approved. Highly recommended to all.
– Bernie Dillon

The guys at BrokerCo are excellent. They navigated a pretty complicated set of circumstances to help us find the best deal for our mortgage. The Sydney property market can be pretty stressful at the best of times, but the team’s advice ironed out any concerns very quickly. We highly recommend them to anyone looking for a mortgage Broker in North Lakes.
– Nicholas Pickard

I 100% highly recommend BrokerCo they made the impossible possible they saved us from selling our property. Paul and Monique I can’t thank you enough, always there to answer my questions, give sound advice in regards to loans and helped us through a stressful situation, you guys are awesome!
– Joelene Fastlablend

I would highly recommend BrokerCo as our preferred Mortgage Broker in North Lakes – they are fantastic. Paul and his team are highly professional, thorough, fair, trustworthy and help you every step of the way ensuring you are kept up to date on the process of your loan. Thanks Paul once again ? !!!!
– Liz and Stu Hubrich

19 Q&A’s To Help You Choose The Best Mortgage Broker in North Lakes

Mortgage Broker North Lakes – they offer choice!

Single banks can only offer you the loans that they have access to.

Mortgage brokers have access to many banks, in our case over 40 banks in Australia, so we have the opportunity to listen to your requirements and then fit you to the particular lender and that particular product that suits you the best.

We’re not restricted to just one bank. We do all the work, we do all the paperwork, we do everything and best of all it’s all free!

All the time we keep you informed. The whole process is managed by us.

A mortgage broker gives you the choice to pick and access loan options from many, many banks.

Today you’ve probably looked up something related to “mortgage broker North Lakes” in Google and found us… but that’s not where your search should end.

To find a quality mortgage broker it’s important to also check if they come highly recommended. To check this simply look at the companies reviews, testimonials and general online presence.

Then see if they can come to you or help you locally in North Lakes.

Following these steps will be a great start to finding a good mortgage broker in North Lakes.

A mortgage broker offers choice!

Single banks in North Lakes can only offer you the loans that they have.

Mortgage brokers have access to many banks & loans, in our case over 40 banks in Australia, so we have the opportunity to listen to your requirements and then fit you to the particular lender and that particular loan & product that suits you best.

We’re not restricted to just one bank. We do all the work, we do all the paperwork, we do everything and best of all it’s all free!

All the time we keep you informed. The whole process is managed by us.

A mortgage broker gives you the choice to pick a loan from many, many banks.

Banks and lenders only have their own small handful of products and options available to you. We know the products and services of ALL the banks and lenders and can help you find the perfect fit for you. We aren’t focussed on the products and policies of one bank, but all of them!

Often people have heard of a product or loan option that their friends or family are using and think that that is the one for them. We usually find we can get them a better fit that suits their individual circumstances much better than they would have found going directly to a bank.

Our team in North Lakes are also personal and people focussed; prioritising getting you the best deal, not locking you into a specific bank, loan or institution.

A broker’s experience is vitally important when it comes to choosing a loan! Experienced brokers know the loan application processes better, understand the intricate details of all the loans available in North Lakes and the best way to get applications approved.

The more time a broker spends in the industry, the bigger their network gets. Experience helps you know who’s who in the industry and who can push things along in the application process.

Experience also gives a broker insight into what financial questions to ask the applicant, what parts of an application to focus on, what to highlight and what is important to each lender – making the process quicker and easier for you.

Mortgage brokers get paid at the settlement of a home loan.

The good news is it’s free for the client.

The bank pays the mortgage broker in the background in the same way that they would pay their local North Lakes branch staff in the background. The client isn’t expected to pay the branch clerk when they go and see them, just like we don’t expect them to pay us directly.

So what that means is that we as your mortgage brokers don’t get paid unless we get you a home loan that’s approved.

Yes – your broker should be a member of FBAA (Finance Brokers Association of Australia) and MFAA (Mortgage & Finance Association of Australia) which are the relevant industry associations.

You can rest assured that we are members of both associations.

There aren’t any local North Lakes associations to look out for, however having a team on the ground to contact, answer emails or call upon different times of the day will help.

A fixed rate mortgage means that you’ve essentially bought an interest rate for either a two, three, five year fixed period, whichever you’ve chosen. While you’re on that fixed rate mortgage, your loan repayment will not change. So the biggest benefit of that is knowing what your monthly mortgage repayment will be. You don’t have to worry about interest rates rising or falling. You’ve got one set mortgage repayment.

A variable rate mortgage means that your mortgage repayment can fluctuate as the lender changes its rates. If the interest rates go up, then your mortgage repayment will go up and if it goes down, your mortgage repayment will go down. The biggest benefit of a variable rate mortgage is flexibility. You can pay as much and as often as you like off of your variable rate mortgage.

If you are a North Lakes homeowner and you’re moving into an owner-occupied property the best way to structure that would be a principal and interest loan.

That way you’ve got contracted repayments that you make each fortnight—or month, depending on what your needs. This will maintain through the life of the loan. What you have then is that for any extra repayments to reduce the interest payable on the loan and reduce that term.

The home loan process begins the same, whether it be a purchase, a refinance or a debt consolidation.

It’s all about the relationship and the conversation that you first have with the mortgage broker in North Lakes. We need to know everything about your financial state so that we can help you in the best way possible. Once we’ve discussed your needs and analyse them, then the process pretty much continues on the same vein from that point on.

If you’re purchasing a home in North Lakes (or any city in Australia but live in North Lakes), the first thing we need to know to give good advice is how much you’re going to want to spend on your property. We’ll speak with your lawyer and we’ll ask for a copy of the contract.

We’ll get that contract to the bank. The bank will analyse it and if they have no further questions then hopefully approve the loan in the way that we’ve asked. The first home process is very much a handholding experience because the client hasn’t done it before and you will need all of our experience (obviously that’s what we’re here for). We will support and be in contact you during your loan application through purchasing the property, dealing with the lawyers, dealing with accountants and the bank get through to settlement so that you get the keys to your first home.

A refinance is slightly different. We’re now dealing with a client that already has a home loan, this person is not moving house, but they are probably dissatisfied with high interest rates that they have right now. If that’s you then you may want a feature from your current home loan that you currently don’t have and we can get that for you.

Again, it always starts with a discussion. We find out what it is that you want and we make sure that we shop the market for you so that we find that product feature & interest rate that you’re looking for.

In this case, what we’re really doing is paying out an old home loan, doing all the heavy lifting and paperwork in the middle and then getting you across to the new bank. We reintroduce you to the new features and benefits of the new lender and off we go.

You’re happy and we’ve settled the loan for you. We stay in contact with everybody so that we’re always continually ensuring that our customers are happy.

The debt consolidation phase really comes in with refinancing as well, but it may be that a client has come to us that has a credit card or personal loans or a car loan (or any other types of loans) that they would like to absorb into their home loan. That’s because an interest rate on a home loan is far lower than it would be on a credit card.

3% versus 20% for instance on an existing balance on a credit card.

So the customer’s monthly expenses will dramatically reduce if they consolidate those expenses into a home loan rather than having the additional payments of having three or four different debts.

At BrokerCo North Lakes we’ve seen consolidations of well over 10 debts down into one and it really, really improves a person’s lifestyle because they’re only paying one payment instead of 10 other ones.

Managing a loans risk is all about understanding your limitations. If you have a small deposit, then you’re going to need the mortgage broker’s assistance to know that you’re borrowing the right amount of money.

You don’t want to borrow the absolute maximum amount of money. Living on beans on toast for the next two years is no fun. So your mortgage broker should guide you as to how to borrow correctly so that your life is comfortable and that you’re borrowing the right amount to achieve your goals.

A good mortgage broker, like the mortgage brokers here at BrokerCo, will sit down and have a big conversation with you about what you’re trying to achieve, not just now, but in the next five years or more, so that they can match you to a product that will achieve your goals.

A loans application length may vary depending on the lender and application details. Some can be very quick and others can take some time. Generally, we aim to get applications settled within a month.

BrokerCo’s personal service makes the home loan application process easy!

We start all our client relationships by making time to have a conversation with you about your background, what your circumstances are and what you are looking for.

We use that information, our expertise and our cutting-edge computer software to give advice and find the best solution for you.

We then help you step by step and stay in contact through the entire process; from application to approval we are there to answer any questions and make the process easy for you. We read the fine print and make sure you get the best possible outcome for your unique financial situation.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed or confused about the number of home loans & choices available, whether you’re a first-time buyer… Refinancing or a seasoned investor… Without professional help it can be very difficult to make the right home loan choice.

This mistake could cost you thousands.

Here at BrokerCo we have helped thousands of customers achieve their home loan and finance goals.

We work for you, and best of all…

Our service is absolutely free.

We don’t think of mortgage brokering as a job.

Dealing with the banks (hundreds of choices for loans), buying homes, it is challenging and can be stressful. There’s no greater reward than helping you get a loan approved and get a family into a home.

For us the biggest reward is making this happen. We help all kinds of people across Brisbane with different loans and mortgage needs. As long as you’ve got the income and the deposit, we can help.

We’ve helped thousands of customers get into their home. It’s more than just about the home loan. It’s about giving great advice and seeing the end result for the clients. We really care about people.

We also concentrate on helping self-employed people because that’s a difficult space to get a home loan and many times involve a unique financial situation.

We’ve got a lot of experience in this field and we understand how to do it right.

We also offer asset finance, commercial finance, car loans for normal people, you know, just with a regular job, nothing complicated.

We do lots of different loans.

We surround ourselves and give you access to other professional services that help service our clients’ needs. We’ve also got a depth of experience and deep contacts within the industry, which help us deliver a fast and effective solution to our clients.

All our team members have got vast knowledge in finance – which is a must in the industry… However what we have in addition is years of “street-smarts” in home loan writing.

We’ve written thousands of home loans.

We’ve helped thousands of customers, and you’ll see from our testimonials & reviews, they’re all very happy with service we provide and the results we achieve.

It’s one of Australia’s great Aussie dreams to be a homeowner. And what better place than in Brisbane!

A lot of people think they’ll never achieve it…

So it provides a really good sense of satisfaction when we can help get loans approved and help you achieve that dream.

Valuations and credit scores are very important parts of applying for finance.

Valuations can be a deciding factor in your plans and borrowing capacity, so we try and get people’s valuations done early in the process. We don’t let you spend up to 30 days waiting on an application only to have an unexpected valuation throw a spanner in the works.

Credit scores can be make or break to your application too. Sometimes people don’t realise that applying for home loans with banks initiates a credit enquiry automatically. If you have been applying for finance at numerous locations, it can make your report look messy and scare off lenders who may take one look and just say ‘no’. Looking at your options with us does not start a credit enquiry until we’ve found the right product for you and started an application.

Sometimes people have damaged credit scores because of things like divorce or bankruptcy. We know which lenders will work with you and how best to approach each situation. We know what every lender has available and can help give anyone direction on their finance options.

Yes – that’s our job.

We go through everything with a fine-tooth comb, picking through it looking for gaps in your financial situation.

We endeavour to make sure there are no nasty surprises and that every client gets the best possible outcome.

When it comes down to it – no, there is no such thing as a totally independent broker. All brokers are connected to an aggregator, like Connective, that is then connected to the banks and lenders.

We, however, are an independently owned Australian company, and neither the aggregator or the banks have any influence on our decisions or recommendations or loans we advice on. We are privately owned by hard working Australians that are not connected to any bank or lender.

Every person’s financial situation and application is unique, so there will always be different options that are better for different people.

By engaging us as a broker you have the widest possible range of choices available. We combine all the options from all the lenders and banks to find the right product for your financial situation and needs.

Often people have heard of a product or loan option that their friends or family are using and think that that is the one for them. We usually find we can get them a better fit that suits their financial circumstances much better than they would ever have found going directly to a bank.

An offset account is just like a savings account, which is essentially joined to the loan.

Any money that you have sitting in your offset account will offset the interest payable against the loan.

Over time that’ll reduce the amount of interest that you pay and reduce the term of the loan.

Redraw facility, it’s similar to an offset account, except it’s within the home loan and environment.

Any extra money that you pay, via cash surplus, or salary deposits, or rental income, all sits within that redraw environment within the loan.

Again, having this extra cash will reduce the interest payable against the loan and reduce the loan term in total.

If you’ve never owned a home before then there is a high chance you are eligible for a home loan rebate.

There is a list of specific criteria to be eligible, and every person is different, so we can’t say for sure if you are eligible until we’ve met with you.

There are other rebates available too such as lenders rebates.

As we work through your options and financial situation we will identify if there are any rebates you could be eligible for and make sure you get the best solution for your loan.

LMI stands for lenders mortgage insurance. Lenders mortgage insurance is actually an insurance product that the banks require if you don’t have a 20% deposit.

When you want to buy a house, the bank will expect you to put some of your money into buying that property.

If you don’t have a 20% deposit then you’re categorised as a higher-than-normal risk to the bank, so what they require is an insurance product to cover that 20% gap in the event that you were to default.

They hope you won’t default, but that product is required or they can’t give you the loan.

BrokerCo has an unfair advantage over a lot of mortgage brokers in North Lakes and a lot of banks because we’re real people.

We’re humans.

We’re different from a bank.

We’re not just a big organisation.

We’re not just a High Street Bank with some young people in there that want to send you some loan products, we’re actually going to sit down and be part of your process from the beginning to the end and out the other side in follow-up.

We’ll actually stay involved with you and make sure that what we got you is the correct loan for you and your circumstances now, and if your circumstances change, we’ll stay involved and make sure that we modify it so that it really-really does continue to match your changing circumstances.

That’s the unfair advantage you get – a bank can’t do that, and a small mortgage brokerage with one mortgage broker inside it can’t do that either.

We’ve got the scale, the experience, and all of the brokers to be able to offer this kind of service to you.

We cover our services in Brisbane as well as Ipswich.